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Essential oils is such a great support for your emotions

A Time to Cry

It doesn’t always seem appropriate does it?  Is it a sign of weakness?  Is it something you must do in private?  Is it something you only do when you’re alone, in the shower or in your car? For me, crying is an outlet and a…

Giving Thanks

Here we are in January and I am thinking this morning of Thanksgiving.  Not sure why this is laid on my heart but maybe someone needs to hear it.  I’ve had visions this morning of Thanksgiving Day at my home when my boy was…

Music, again

In thinking about what I would share today I recalled a line I read yesterday where a mother had said she was able to laugh again.  It took me back to a place where I was early on when I couldn’t bare the thought…

Saying the words

all of the water I was using up on the weeds of unacceptance, nurturing the disbelief, keeping the hope alive that he was going to walk through my door again……all of these things. They were sucking the energy and life right out of possibilities of the future; robbing the future to pay for a fruitless yesterday.

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