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Essential oils is such a great support for your emotions

Believe in Joy

You know, grief can completely undo us.  It can change us, makes us someone that our family doesn’t recognize.   When my Joey died I went through the entire gamut of emotions.  I had anger (for many years), sadness, depressed mood, hopelessness and perhaps the…

Buoys and Anchors

Allow me to stay for a moment in my last post, Lifeboats.  I reflected on how it seemed that God always sent a lifeboat at pivotal points in my life.  He still does today.   In addition I believe that  “Thy rod and thy staff” also comes to…


Back home.  It’s where I am right now.  It is a 9 hour drive directly to my roots.  It’s where I chose to leave my son’s remains.  He is laid to rest right beside my parents.  It was a tremendously hard decision on rather…

Momma & Joey

Tonight I thought about how my life has played out so far.  My mind wondered back to where it often does to my sweet momma.  The phone had rang on an dreary and early Tuesday morning and when I answered it was for her.  I took the phone in…

Flashback to the red leaf

It was an unusually cold and Wintery morning December 19th 2007.  That’s the day we laid my Joey to eternal rest.  I actually could see my breath in front of me.  As I walked out on to the front porch I looked around me at all of…

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