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This morning is really hard.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps it’s the rain.  Perhaps it is the gloomy clouds. Perhaps it’s just the day of the week, but it’s hard.  It is these days that make me so very thankful to our Lord… Continue Reading “Sara”

Farewell my brother

I, again, am missing him this morning.  My baby brother, Mark.  He’s really gone; He is really gone.  Loss is so hard. Mark loved my niece (our oldest brother’s daughter) like his own.  We have treated her like a sister throughout this entire loss.  She… Continue Reading “Farewell my brother”

Giving Thanks

Here we are in January and I am thinking this morning of Thanksgiving.  Not sure why this is laid on my heart but maybe someone needs to hear it.  I’ve had visions this morning of Thanksgiving Day at my home when my boy was… Continue Reading “Giving Thanks”

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