In Memory

2013-01-02 07.24.06Please feel free to share your angel child with me.  Can you share your most favorite three things about them?  I will start off here with my Joey.  1) incredible ability to make you laugh! 2) so compassionate 3) Admitted Mama’s boy 🙂

10 Comments on “In Memory

  1. Aww, Laura thank you so much for sharing about your Michael with us. It sounds like his personality was so much like my Joey’s. I’m cracking up about the Hawkeyes jersey. The manner in which all approached him speaks volumes for his personality. Gosh I know he was an easy person to love! God Bless you my friend and continued prayers.


  2. Steve O, thank you so much for taking the time to drop a line here to my boy and for your kind words. YOU are so kind. Hugs and misses my friend.


  3. Ok Jackie so now I’m bawling. I thank you so much for much-more-than-I-deserve comment. You are such a gem. The pain of the loss is universal my sweets. I remember Jack (and his humor) so fondly and Linda, OMGoodness there will never be another like her. I can’t wait to see you soon – love you so much.


  4. My Michael. Mike Bohlen 12/1/1992-11/27/2016, 1) He loved to make people laugh. 2) He loved his friends, his coworkers, his family. 3) He was definitely an extrovert. He loved to talk and share his life with everyone. He was the kid who would befriend the friendless, He would seek out the lone person at a party sitting alone and just start talking with him/her. He would show up at a Penn State football game wearing an Iowa Hawkeyes jersey and still manage to befriend everyone in his section and have them laughing throughout the game and shouting “Bye Mike! See you later” as they all left often with new snapchat, instagram, and Facebook followings.

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  5. Happy Birthday Joey! I know you’re watching over your awesome mom Dianne and always keeping her safe and joyous!

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  6. Happy Birthday Joey! You are the strongest person I know. I haven’t lost a child or my mother or my husband, but I have lost my sister and father . I know from being a mother the pain I felt can never compare to any of yours especially losing a child. And your beautiful such young age. You have over come so much and still found a way to keep smiling through your pain. You are the most beautiful woman I will ever know. We are cousins but in my heart you are my sister. I love you so much I strive to be half the woman you are. Thank you for giving back so much and caring for everyone so gracefully.

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  7. Happy Birthday Joey!!! I loved to hear your Mom’s stories about you at our TCF meetings. You were quite a character. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday in Heaven. Please give my Dani a big hug for me and take care of each other!! xoxo PS: Dani’s favorite movie is Steel Magnolias. Haven’t watched it in 10 1/2 yrs since she left us.

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  8. Sweet Shelby, thank you so much for your kindness to my Joey. I am sure now that he knows our connection and that you have angel children, he’s looking them up and sending them hugs. Love you bunches. Mwwwaa!


  9. Happy Birthday, Joey.

    My angel children were never born, but, oh, how I look forward to meeting them one day.

    Love and Hugs to you Dianne.

    – Your oily sister, Shelby

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