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Sweet friends, if you have never experienced the soothing powers of essential oils it would be my pleasure to share about them with you.  These have been an amazing emotional support for me since my premium starter kit first arrived at my door almost a year ago.  Have you ever took a “walk” to clear your head?  There is something magical that happens out in nature.  It’s where God intended for us to do our healing.  Do you remember where He placed Adam and Eve?  Right there in the middle of the Garden of Eden, right?  That is the only ingredient in these precious drops of goodness folks.  Essential oils are the aromatic liquids found within shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, resins and seeds.  When you smell a beautiful rose or a pine forest that aroma that you are smelling is the essential oil rising into the air!

In plants essential oils help attract pollinators, detract predators, send chemical signals to other plants and help protect against bacteria and fungus.  It is so fascinating how they can protect our bodies the same way.   They are very potent so a little goes a long way.

Quality is so very important when choosing essential oils. There is no other company with the level of commitment to quality such as Young Living.  It’s why I choose them.  They have a super high quality process of distillation that renders a Commitment that they call Seed To Seal.  The three pillars of this commitment are Sourcing, Science & Standards. Young Living sources with extreme integrity to produce the highest of quality oils. So much so that they have a whole line of ingestible oils called Vitality!

There are three ways we use essential oils – topical – diffusing – ingesting.  I only speak for Young Living here – (it is because of their quality that we can ingest).  Friends, I am a huge oiler as I have benefited so very much from them.  Given my life circumstances I am particularly partial to the Feelings Collection but it was the Premium Starter Kit that lead me there.  Learn more here: Dianne Oily website12-Feelings-Collection

There at my oily life website you will find an email list to subscribe to.  That’s a great way to learn about essential oils.  Additionally I do a lot of fun educational workshops on my Facebook group called The Oily Kinship.  Come on over and just ask to join.  I’ll get you set up.  You can also leave me a message or comment here and I will get you on your way to enjoying a beautiful oily beneficial life.  You’ll be my oily Sister/Brother! 🙂  If you would like some support to walk you through it I’m only an email or comment away.



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