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Hope after Loss

Periods & Question Marks

I was recovering on Sunday morning from a little knee surgery and while flipping through a couple of channels of TV I came across Joel Osteen.  I paused for a second then decided to watch.  It had been months since I’d done so but that morning I felt…

Holding on to Faith

Just before opening this page to go live yesterday I had been praying for direction, nerve, courage, strength, guidance and answers.  I really have no idea where this blog might take me.  I was acting on Faith.  I did know one thing though and that…

What makes one a Steel Magnolia?

The movie…..Did you ever see the 1989 movie, Steel Magnolias ?   Can you recite the words to just about every line?  Who do you identify with most?  For me, it’s Sally Field’s character, M’lynn.  Sally gives the most incredible depiction of a mother’s love in this movie. …


January 2, 2018 – It’s here. Today is the day. Do you have your coffee yet? Go ahead and grab it….I will wait. Come and sit…here by the window where the beautiful sun is stretching it’s rays towards us. We have some real important…

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