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Jake, from State Farm and yes,he does love his khakis (not really, but it’s cute). This is our new puppy, Jake. He adores his senior brother Cooper. Both Labs. Coop is winding down from a life of fun and love. Jake, is winding UP and just getting started. Heaven help us.

Fairwell beloved Cooper

It was 15 + years ago when I met a new beautiful soul.  I hand picked this boy from a rescue shelter solely due to the lightening speed at which his tail was wagging in the picture.  That tail was moving so fast it… Continue Reading “Fairwell beloved Cooper”

Cooper & Jake

This is our Cooper.  He is almost 15 years old now.  This boy has seen me through so many hard times in my life.  I could never repay him for the love and support that he’s given to me.  I mean, who rescued who… Continue Reading “Cooper & Jake”

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