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CaptureHello Friends, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by.  I hope you will come back and come often!  As I’m sure you’ve already discovered my name is Dianne Gill.  I am southern as beans and cornbread (don’t judge).  I was born and raised in beautiful sunny Florida.  That’s my roots!   I now live in the mountains of E Tennessee where I have always dreamt of retiring and by God’s grace I got here early.  Though many believe I am a local here, I actually brought this accent with me, Y’all.

I have worked from home for 5+ years now and my profession is in food safety.  Working from home has been quite an adjustment for me.  As you will soon learn I am quite the social butterfly.  I am a mother to Joey (an angel now) and I share my life with my loving husband, Paul and my two dogs, Cooper and Jake.  Paul’s two adult children and their spouses (who I adore) make up our precious Florida family.  The best part (no offense kids) is that we have three grandchildren (EEK) and two grand-dogs in Florida too!  Every year we load up the motor coach and head to Florida for a week or so and love on some babies (most times we bring them home with us)!  I am a big believer in Jesus as well as Essential Oils and all that they both can do for us!

You know, I have had a lot of tragedy in my life and while that is certainly painful I have had to make a conscious decision to not let it end me.  While walking through it we have to try to grow from it, use it somehow to make us better people and also to help those around us.  I consider this blogging venture part of my healing.  I believe the reason God gave me a social personality and compassion for others is because he knew I would need it to get by in this world.  I get fueled by being around people, caring and sharing with them…..I love people!  There is life after loss my dear friends although sometimes we can’t see it through the pain.  I am certainly no psychologist but just a momma whose walked through the unimaginable…….and albeit some days, barely, I am still standing.  My prayer is that I can be a source of hope, comfort, support and friendship to you and all who enter.  God bless.

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16 Comments on “About Me

  1. Oh my sweets, thank you so so much for this kind message and for Joey’s birthday wishes. That boy was my biggest fan and I feel the same about him. XOXOX Love and misses right back.


  2. Oh my, Kim. I return this email with tears in my eyes. Thank you for this kind post. You know I love you all so much! I know my Joey appreciates his birthday wishes just like me. XOXO hope to see you soon.


  3. Beautifully said, my friend. I know this is always a very tough time of year for you. Happy Belated Birthday to your angel in Heaven! I know he’s looking down at his mom with a big smile on his face. Love and miss you

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  4. Dear Dianne,
    I would first like to wish your true angel Joey a heavenly Happy Birthday. I read and write this with tears in my eyes. The words you wrote take us on a journey most many have not experienced. It is unfortunate that I did not get to meet this incredible young man and I know he is incredible because of the beautiful person you are. As I have mentioned before, we are so blessed to have you in our family. You touch lives in such a positive way. Praying for you always and your journey. ❤️😇

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  5. Awww, Gail thank you for stopping by and wishing Joey a Happy Birthday. I’ve never considered myself a writer but I so appreciate the thought. Hopefully Misty will stop by and click the follow button so she can benefit from this blog……and any others she might know that is living this same life. I love the picture you paint of Joey and Amber dancing and singing. I love you sweet Gail. Sure wish you could get up to the mountains sometime.


  6. Girl you and Misty have alot in commom. Both have a way with words that need to be saved in a book. I Love you. I know where you been. You have been part of my family and heart always.Happy Birthday to tbe Gentle Giant Joey. May you and Amber dance in the clouds and sing in the Lords choir.

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  7. Oh Tammy thank you so much. Your opinions are always so greatly appreciated. You are a great blessing to me and I’m so happy to have you in my life. Looking forward to this year and all that God has in store for us. Love you!


  8. My very much loved Mary thank you for this! Gosh how I miss my TCF family. Please do follow me so that we can move forward together remembering our kids. If you haven’t please feel free to go on over the In Memory tab and tell us about your Dani. As you know I feel like I already know that beautiful girl and I’m so sure you’re seeing her in Little Dani’s eyes.


  9. Oh I just love this, Dianne!! I’m so thankful that God brought you into my life. Happy Birthday to your precious Joey!! I hope he is having an amazing heavenly party today to celebrate the gift of life both here and now in the presence of his creator! Love you, Sister!!

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  10. I love and miss you my dear friend!!! Your blog is beautiful just like you. I would love to continue on this journey with you. ❤ ❤ ❤


  11. Natalie, you’re far too kind my friend. I hope you will follow me so that you get notified when I post. I also encourage you to go the In Memory Tab and include your Markie. Hugs and love your way!


  12. Such a beautiful blog. This blog is going to help so many that have lost loved ones. You have a way with words and are very much so a Steel Magnolia.


  13. As I sit here crying. What a wonderful adventure you are going to take us on. Amazing. Just like you.

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