Sara OilThis morning is really hard.  I am not sure why.  Perhaps it’s the rain.  Perhaps it is the gloomy clouds. Perhaps it’s just the day of the week, but it’s hard.  It is these days that make me so very thankful to our Lord that His beautiful hand created the plants that produce such and amazing essential oil as Sara.

We never stop missing our loved ones.  Some days seem easier than others after a lot of time has passed.  For my son Joey it’s been over 10 years since he left us.   Yet, my little brother has only been gone barely three months.

I was thinking this morning how in times like this I would sit in a corner and cry in my pillow.  What Young Living Essential Oils have done for me is nothing short of amazing.  Sara is one of those oils.  Sara promotes tears and emotions.   I diffuse Sara on days like this and even rub a little on my body.  My friends it is good for us to cry and release those sad and hurtful emotions.  With every tear I believe comes healing.  For so very long I held them inside, they were pent up.  In my mind I thought if I gave in to the emotions it would start an avalanche of ill feelings – a crumbling, if you will, of my insides. I was wrong.

I was afraid it would take me to a dark place.  How grateful I am for you and this little blog.  How grateful I am for my oils.  How grateful I am for my Heavenly Father who knew our hearts would  need soothing.

My prayer for you is that you too can find the strength to pay the respect that your grief needs.  Give in to the attention and time it needs to heal.  Perhaps in losing a child we never completely heal.  However, I am living proof that we can move forward with love in our hearts if we just take the time to grieve.

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils please feel free to comment or contact me.  God bless you my sweet friend.

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  1. I think each new loss causes us to in same way relive the ones that have gone before. Yet, I also believe it helps us journey through the process more smoothly.

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