Emotional Triggers

It’s been a glorious week with my close Australian friend, Di.  Yet, I had to come to the sad A sad woman in a striped shirt.realization that her visit had to an end yesterday.  After a week filled with laughter, eating, trips and shopping the brakes were suddenly applied and now poof, just like that she’s gone.

Pulling in to the airport we both felt the tears welling up inside us.  The idle chit chat in the car made it a little less conspicuous.  As we pulled up to the curbside drop off the waterworks began.  I managed to hide the obvious with my oversized sunglasses.  We cry every time.  As we hugged each other tight for what seemed like five minutes I begged her to stop crying.  I was headed for a work trip immediately after and I knew if I got too carried away it would make for a soggy eyed two hour trip.  We managed to pull away from each other and as I stood by my car and watched her approach the entrance to the airport she stopped again.  She did it; she looked back at me with the cry-grimace.

My heart pleaded for me to run to her, scoop my beautiful, dear friend up and take her back to my home forever.  My head knew we had to go back to reality and details of our lives.  We  both left with the promise that we would see each other again in Aussie.  The hope is for my husband and I to make the trip in 2020.  The good Lord willing we will do it.

Sadness like this can sometimes overwhelm us.  We can easily reach a point where we feel the longing that we felt when we experienced a tragic loss.  Yes, my Di is alive and well and the loss of a child cannot compare to this type of separation.  However, it can serve as a trigger that sends us back to that saddest time of our lives.  There are so many of them!  We have to be careful and aware so that we don’t allow these triggers to put us on that slippery slope that ends in darkness.

Friends, I have come a long way in these 10+ years without my precious Joey.  Most of those years were spent avoiding the obvious.  That’s so I didn’t have to deal with it.  I came to realize that I would be a lot further down the road in healing if I had just allowed these triggers to serve as a tool.  What I mean by that is that when they occur 1) drag them out on the carpet and acknowledge them and 2) if you need to cry, do it and do it until you get it out and finally 3) recognize it for what it was and applaud yourself for what you just did in your loved one’s Honor.

Little by little as time moves forward you will have turned these triggers into an amazing tool for healing.  Please feel free to share about your loved one here.  You can comment here on this page or on the In Loving Memory tab.  I am happy to hear all about your  child.  That is what this blog is all about.  Love and healing to you, friend.


































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