Fairwell beloved Cooper

It was 15 + years ago when I met a new beautiful soul.  I hand picked this boy from a Cooprescue shelter solely due to the lightening speed at which his tail was wagging in the picture.  That tail was moving so fast it was just a blue blur.  I thought to myself, now there’s a guy that knows how to have fun!  Upon meeting him for the first time we had an instant love.  He gave me the biggest kisses as he leapt all over me.  I won’t soon forget the way he sailed into the back of my SUV as if to say “take me home mom”.    He was the very same with every member of my family.  He became our Cooper, aka Coupe De Ville, aka Coop the Snoop.   To say this pooch was spoiled would be an understatement.

Cooper slept with us.  He ate with us.  He rode with us everywhere we went.  He slowly went from a 10 month old who chewed up our shoes to a most beloved member of our family who would eat most anything else…….except a carrot. Heaven forbid should he eat a vegetable!  This boy is a member of our family, he’s one of us….which includes my Joey.  This was the last dog we had when my son died.  Cooper loved his brother and proved his loyalty a thousand times over.  It is true that time marches on and we are forced to move forward in our lives.  I know that my life is totally opposite of what it was 10 years ago when I lost Joey.  The one thing that is constant has been Cooper.

This precious boy has been with me through it all.  Coopie has laid beside me as I cried through my worse heartaches, he’s listened to ramblings about my dreams, my prayers, my grumbling about disappointment, he’s been my roadie, my confidant, my rock, my protector from all who enter until he couldn’t see to do so any longer. I forget how to BE without this incredible loyal creature.  He was so very patient, compliant, gentle and loving.   I know that God inserted him in my life at the exact time that I needed him.  I wasn’t rescuing Cooper at all….he was rescuing me. 

I have been given this precious gift for over 15 years and last night I had to set him free.  I had picked him up off the floor each day when his muscle mass could not sustain his weight any longer.  I watched him walk in pain while struggling to tell night from day or inside from out.  I had to stop this selfishness and send this beautiful baby Home to be with my Joey.  The guilt is overwhelming at moments but it’s only because I miss him so terribly.  I know it was best for him.  It was with drenching sobs that I watched the pain leave my sweet pup’s face.  I am happy for him as I know that his tail is wagging feverishly again and he’s leaping all over the other half of his family.


Our love for our Coupe De Ville will forever remain. Run free my perfect boy, run free until we see you again   😭 Job well done


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