Rain.  We’ve had it here in E. Tennessee for weeks now.  I have always loved rain and I am thankful for it.  I believe it takes me back to my youth when my sister Cindy and I used to play school in our rooms on rainy days.  I can remember putting Bugle snacks onmari-madriz-433258-unsplash.jpg the end of our finger tips and tapping them on the chalkboard to indicate our intended lesson as we taught our class.   That’s what teachers with long nails do.

They also like long hair.  Oh yes.  We’d drape a towel over on our head and just fling it around (think, Cher – on stage with Sonny) as we taught our class.  Every now and then we would pull it together in the back or swirl it around and lay it on either side of our shoulders to get it out of our way .   Then there’s the shoes.  They must “clomp”.  I mean, every teacher has clomp-y shoes as they go down the hallway, right?   Clomp, clomp, clomp.  The admiration for how she walks in those high heels is just as prevalent today.

Also, what educator doesn’t drink coffee?   They all have breaks you know and on those breaks they grab a cup of coffee and go into the teacher’s lounge.   We did that too only our lounge space were two little chairs placed in front of the windows of our bedroom.  There we sat, legs properly crossed……..looking out at the rain with our coffee, head’s thrashing about, complaining about all of the bad kids in our class.

Those times with my sister is one of my favorite memories growing up.  It allowed us to go somewhere without leaving the house, to be someone we admired.  In retrospect t’s so funny what our perception was of a teacher.  Did they all have long nails, long hair, clompy shoes and love coffee?  Well that’s exactly how we saw them. Were those the things that we envisioned for ourselves?  Perhaps.

In that same spirit of perception it makes me ponder how I am initially viewed.  I am a happy, bubbly and sometimes a loud person.  I am quite adventurous and will try just about anything once.  I find humor in most everything.  That tends to leave the perception that I don’t hurt or that I don’t cry, that I must never get sad, lonely or blue.  Quite the contrary.   While one surely has to be made of steel to move forward after losing a child we are forced to mask the pain forever.  While we can’t allow ourselves to dwell there we get pretty good at doing so.

My sweet friends our perceptions can sometimes make us heartless.  They can make us forget that our brothers and sisters on earth are all human and children of God.   I am quite sure teachers don’t always have long hair, long nails and sit around talking about bad kids 🙂  People are hurting all around us.  Everyone has a story, pain, perhaps a past or going through something unforeseen to the naked eye.  Everyone is carrying their own burdens and battling their own demons.  Things are not always as they appear.

There is one thing I do know…….we all need prayer and love, an arm around us to show us that we matter.  Who knows what a hug might do for someone truly hurting on the inside.   I challenge to examine your perceptions today.



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