Believe in Joy

You know, grief can completely undo us.  It can change us, makes us someonIMG_7335e that our family doesn’t recognize.   When my Joey died I went through the entire gamut of emotions.  I had anger (for many years), sadness, depressed mood, hopelessness and perhaps the biggest emotion of all was denial.  All of these are parts of grief.  I think each are normal and I personally believe allowing ourselves to feel these emotions are such a huge part of healing.

Did you know that up until the time I opened this blog I never said “Joey died?”  My words were “I lost my son”.  I couldn’t accept that he wouldn’t walk back into my door whenever he got tired of Heaven and if I didn’t accept it, it wouldn’t be true.  Now the rational side of me knows that this could never happen and even if it could Joey would never come back here to this earth…….not for love nor money.

About a year ago I was accidentally  introduced to power of essential oils.  Much to my surprise they have helped me a great deal with my emotional state.  I have also had such a huge success in using them for my blog writing.  As earlier stated I am no professional writer but instead, a hurting mama struggling for some sense of resolution in my mind.  At the beginning of each blogpost I typically decide what oil I need most to support me with that post.  Most times it is Release and Forgiveness.  I find that these really help me with releasing pent up emotion.  I feel that they really encourage the waterworks and I am thankful for those.  It seems that I heal a little more when I allow myself to cry.  Other emotional oils that I use are Peace & Calming, Valor, Inner Child, Present Time, Stress Away and anything from the Emotions Collection.  (Please feel free to visit my page of Essential Oils here on my blog for more details).

This morning as I began this post I chose Believe and Joy.  After rubbing Believe in my palms and inhaling I also chose to diffuse it along with Joy.  The aromatics are incredible but even more than that are the emotions that they support.  I wanted to share these two in particular with you today because it so depicts how I feel about grief, sadness, loneliness and depression.  They are all terrible emotions to go through  but you know what?  I Believe in Joy.  I choose Joy.

God makes many promises in the Bible and one of those are Joy.  My sweet friends, there is Joy left to be had in our lives.  The loss we feel will never completely go away but it’s not forever.  No, the promise remains that we will meet our loved ones on that beautiful shore.  I do hope you Believe in Joy and choose it for your life.  I know that it takes time but I pray you walk through it and not around it.  It is my belief that walking through it helps us heal and reach an acceptance and that in turn, will allow to get to a place of experiencing Joy in our life again.  God speed, hugs and love.

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