Month: February 2018


Rain.  We’ve had it here in E. Tennessee for weeks now.  I have always loved rain and I am thankful for it.  I believe it takes me back to my youth when my sister Cindy and I used to play school in our rooms… Continue Reading “Perceptions”


It was the first summer after my son passed away.  Reluctantly, I was talked in to attending my first real outing at a lake.  I remember feeling so much pain and sadness inside and just unworthy of enjoying a smile.   I wasn’t ready to paint on a smile… Continue Reading “Visits”

Believe in Joy

You know, grief can completely undo us.  It can change us, makes us someone that our family doesn’t recognize.   When my Joey died I went through the entire gamut of emotions.  I had anger (for many years), sadness, depressed mood, hopelessness and perhaps the… Continue Reading “Believe in Joy”

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