Giving Thanks

White TulipHere we are in January and I am thinking this morning of Thanksgiving.  Not sure why this is laid on my heart but maybe someone needs to hear it.  I’ve had visions this morning of Thanksgiving Day at my home when my boy was here.  Oh my gosh, I used to have to fight him out of the kitchen on that day!  I suppose the delectable smell of that bird wafting through the house put him a trance that allowed him much temptation.  He never could resist temptation.  Not always a good thing.  That boy would sneak around, taste-testing out of any pot he could find spoons for!  He would  literally pick me up and remove me from in front of the stove to get to my sweet potato casserole.   There it laid,  pretty as a peach, ready to be presented to the family ……….with one (or two) spoon-fulls missing (insert eye roll here).  He loved Thanksgiving!  Do you have flashes of moments like this?  There was a time when I couldn’t think about these times….it hurt too much.  Now, it makes me happy and keeps me reminded of his lighthearted spirit and fun times.

You know it really should be called Giving Thanks…..and we really should do it every day.  I mean, we are so very fortunate to be alive and to be healthy and there is something we can find every single day to be grateful for.

My heart bursts with the gratitude of having lived life with my son in it.  Oh yes, like every parent/child relationship there were times when I could have traded him in for a good German Shepard, one that didn’t talk back or make me worry and just stayed up under my feet where I knew he was safe all of the time.  I think that’s normal.  Perhaps all of that worry and stress at those specific times are the reason God gave me only one.  He probably did it for MY sanity!  Oh but those times were so few, short, miniscule in retrospect.  In my view there’s nothing that beats being a parent and no other title I’d rather have.

Nowadays, I have many other titles and I wear them all with happiness in my heart.  I choose Joy, I choose great memories, I choose to feel and walk through the rest of my life awake and in charge.  I choose to look back and laugh, to think about and honor him and do so with a very grateful heart my friends.  My prayer is that you can do the same.


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